11 Commandments of Craft

11 Commandments of craft as pertains to color theory


Craft: skill in planning, making, or executing: dexterity as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

1) Thou shall cut with exactness to create clean edges, without exposing white borders and without tearing or ripping the paper. Pay close attention to the angle of the blade.

2) Color-aid paper shall be as flat as possible against the foam core. There shall be no lifting of corners and edges and no air pockets.

3) Thou shall not use stencils of any kind to create shapes.

4) Thou shall never overlap color-aid paper.

5) Margins created by cut paper, to the edges of the foam core, will be exact, if intended.

6) Thou shall not leave behind any visible glue smudges.

7) Integrity of color-aid paper shall never be compromised, no marks, scratches, or dents of any kind.

8) Negative spaces between color shapes are equally as important. If the edges of the color-aid paper are not exact, white negative shapes will also not be exact.

9) Thou shall never draw on the color-aid paper, or foam core, with marker pencil or any mark-making apparatus. No other materials are allowed on the foam core, unless instructions say otherwise.

10) Edges of foam core shall be clean and straight, never dented, ripped, torn, chewed, bent, or burned in any way.

11) Thou shall always cut on plastic cutting boards and never cut directly on tables in the print lab.