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Media Arts Seminar
M, W 2:00-3:50
TB 102 & over Zoom for online students

Lauren Addario
Instructor, Media Arts & Technology
TB 135 505-454-3239
Office Hours Monday via Zoom 1:00-1:30, Wednesday on campus 10:30-12:00, Thursday via Zoom 11:00-12:00. Zoom link for office hours is here

Safety: NMHU COVID policy is linked here
If you are sick, test positive, or have had close contact with someone who is sick or has tested positive, please attend via zoom, and let me know how I can support you until you feel safe enough to return to the class.

CLASS SCHEDULE: This class is hybrid and will meet in person and online. Mondays will be online/Wednesdays in TB102. *students registered for the online section of class will meet over Zoom.

Class exhibit, We Are Still Here: Native Americans

Week 1
August 16–  Introductions | Review syllabus and policies | sign up for Media Arts text messaging service | What to expect from this class | Role of cultural technology in Media Arts & Technology CCT Project Showcase Homework for Wednesday: Read and come to class with one fact from each article below that you didn’t know or that surprised you. Be prepared to discuss your ideas during the first 30 minutes of class. Read and be prepared to critically discuss bias in AI and big data and Internet Surveillance

August 18- What surprised you? Discussion about bias in AI and internet surveillance.
In class exercise: Google these terms 1) beautiful, 2) ugly, 3) Professor style
Discussion then reflection.
In class reflection paper (15 minutes) How does the following statement inspire/impact you? “Internet search platforms and technology companies could allow for greater expression and serve as a democratizing tool for the public. This is rendered impossible with the current commercial practices. What we need are public search engine alternatives, united with public interest journalism and librarianship to ensure that the public has access to the highest quality information available”.  Safiya Umoja Noble, Algorithms of Oppression, New York University Press, 2018.

Ignite presentations. Research and present on a socially conscious community driven idea presentation, 5 minutes, 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide.Social Funding: Kiva | Soccket | Virtual Reality Wired | NYTimes Technology | Cooper Hewitt
ART21 | Metaphoras Leonardo | Neiman ReportsMIT Media Lab |Open Source Hardware |
Preparing an Ignite presentation in GoogleDocs 

How to do a good presentation: Veronica Black!

Homework for Monday:
Research the Manitos Community Memory Project blog. Read the introduction and this blog post
AND Read this essay  by poet and fiction writer Leslie Marmon Silko. Bring in 2 possible Ignite topics. Present Links to class in order of importance. Have your links ready to go and post them in the chat/email them to me by the start of class. 

Recording of today’s class is linked here

Week 2
August 23 –Discussion of the Manitos blog, essay by Leslie Marmon Silko, and the importance of storytelling.
Present your Ignite topics for discussion
Preparing a presentation
Homework Read this article.

August 25 – Guest Speaker, David Mendez, NMHU Media Arts Alumnus.
Here’s the recording of David’s presentation.

Week 3
August 30-  In person today! IGNITE PRESENTATIONS, rehearsal, Mary leads class

Design Paper: Introduce writing assignment 1
Here’s how you will be evaluated for your papers
Writing Center: x 3537
Visit Writing Center
multiple drafts, read out loud, spell check, Student Academic Integrity Policy
Check out: Purdue’s The Owl for citation help.  Here’s a PowerPoint presentation on MLA style.

Week 4
September 6– LABOR DAY no class

September 8- Veronica Black presents a design challenge! & Rough Drafts Due at the start of class.
Access her presentation here
Access the worksheets here

Homework: Watch Waste Land. You will have to log into Kanopy with your university username and password.

Week 5
September 13 –Discussion and reflection on Waste Land. Here’s our discussion guide
Homework: Read and take notes on the following articles:
Documentary, Experimental and Animated Films Reading for Wednesday’s class: Chapter 5 of Film Art is on e-reserve through the library.  Go to this page. Search by instructor/my last name for course (Addario) > click on the course number for login page > use class password > mart350021 Use Chrome or Firefox.
“Soapbox: I See No Difference Between the Two, Cinema’s Role in Society”
Citation for e-reserve: Bordwell, David; Thompson, Kristin. Chapter 5, Documentary, Experimental, and Animated Films “Film Art: An introduction.”, 7th Ed. McGraw Hill, 1979, pp. 128-174. Accessed, New Mexico Highlands University e-reserve on…(date).

September 15 – Design papers due at the start of class. Introduction to Film, Video and Audio. Guest speaker, Morgan Barnard, Faculty, Media Arts & Technology. His presentation is linked here

Watch film by Patty Chavez, Director and Producer of The Ties that Bind Us. This is an award-winning short now streaming on Xerb. It was awarded a $17,000 production fund for screenwriting and was awarded the grand yearly prize at the Hispanic Film Fest for Best directing, as well as took home some other awards for, Best original score, best First-time Female Director, best original story, and best acting duo.
Production Sample:  #WHITINA – This was a USC Thesis film and executive produced by Kevin Hart which has just finished its post and is locked. We start the festival run soon. We also had the leads of Inde Navarette who is in 13 reasons why and just got attached as the lead in an upcoming new marvel show on the CW. It is still in development. We also had Xolo Mariduena who plays one of the lead roles as Miguel on Cobra Kai.

Week 6
September 20-Guest speaker, Patty Chavez The narrative film structure. Guest lecture by NMHU Media Arts Alumnus Patty Chavez. Recording of today’s class is linked here
Homework, read about documentary filmmaking

September 22- Review student documentary films and animations. Quantum Computing Explained! Lindsey Abeita’s video, (Long Walk, memories of migration, Jewish Merchants, Mother Teal and the Overland Route, Navajo Rodeo, Sheep is Life)
What about the livestream filming of incidents on social media? Is that a form of documentary filmmaking, citizen journalism? Cinéma Vérité?
Link to assignment 2– Paper on film. Paper Due 10/6/21 at the start of class. 
Review questions for film paper. Here’s a sample structure.
The recording for today’s class is linked here

Week 7

September 27- Guest Speaker Mimi Roberts, small museums, big impact, how to plan a small exhibit.  Introduce midterm and final project, here’s a sample plan, project management lecture
Recording of today’s class is linked here

September 29- Cabrini and Eric Romero in class to introduce possible exhibit topics and timeline. Recording of today’s class is linked here.

Week 8
October 4 – Introduction to Multimedia and Interactivity
Guest Speaker, Jonathan Lee, Technology Surveillance. Here’s his Tumblr
Recording of today’s class is linked here
Homework, prepare your midterm presentations. Cabrini, Mimi, and Eric will be in class to give you feedback.

October 6 – Film papers due at the start of class. Midterm Presentations Recording of today’s class is linked here

Week 9
October 11 – No class Fall Break

October 13 –  Present your research to Cabrini, Mimi, and Eric in class for feedback.  
Homework: Racism and bias in the tech industry. Silicon Valley’s Diversity Problem
On your own time, visit City of Las Vegas Museum for a preview of the space. The museum is open 10-4 Wednesdays – Saturdays.
Recording of today’s class is here

Week 10
October 18 –  Guest Speaker – Bresdin O’Malley, NMHU alumnus and technology supervisor at RSI.
Assignment, paper #3 on technology. Recording of today’s class is linked here
Review work day prep for Wednesday. Poster dimensions 24 x 36, Ceiling size 7 x 7′, who do you need to invite for content help?
More reading about diversity in technology here
and here

October 20In class work day. Come to class with your research materials and be prepared to work on your individual projects. I’ll be there to help you and you can invite any one of the project advisors to assist you as you work. 

Week 11
October 25- Introduction to Photography & Photojournalism. Recording of today’s class is linked here
Photojournalism Lecture.

October 27- Universal/Inclusive Design and Accessibility
Workday. Getting ready for your initial presentations. Share what you’ve completed so far. Recording of today’s class is linked here

Week 12
November 1 – Multimedia & Technology papers due today. Initial prototypes due – student presentations and feedback

November 3 – Work day recording of today’s class is linked here

Week 13
November 8 – Intro text 200 words/ acknowledgement text/label text due.
Presentations– Critique 2
Hand out paper requirements for Photography & Photojournalism

November 10 – Work Day Recording of class with individual meetings is linked here

Week 14
November 15- Critique 3 finalizing content and prepping files for print/online archiving. Recording of today’s class is linked here.
November 17 – Prints/Electronic files finalized and sent to print lab. Work Day 

Week 15
November 22 – ***Photography papers due today***
Print lab—-mounting prints—-Finalizing constellation exhibit
November 24- No class Fall Recess

Week 16
November 29- Class Presentations to community for Native American Heritage Month
December 1-   Work Day/Install day

Monday, December 6 – Final  Critique 2:30 – 5:30,

Wednesday, December 8th – We are Still Here: Native Americans opening at City of Las Vegas Museum, & Final Show for Media Arts, 5:30PM.