Digital Painting

Digital Painting MART 3050 |5050
T, Th 3:30 – 5:20
TB 102 & over Zoom for online students

Lauren Addario 
Media Arts & Technology
TB 135 505-454-3239
Office Hours M 12:00-1:00; T 12:30-2:00; Th 12:30 – 1:30 VIrtual, & by appointment

Class Schedule
This class is hybrid. Tuesdays will be in-person in TB102. Thursdays will be online over Zoom *online students will always meet over Zoom.

Safety: NMHU COVID policy is linked here
If you are sick, test positive, or have had close contact with someone who is sick or has tested positive, please attend via zoom, and let me know how I can support you until you feel safe enough to return to the class. 

Week 1
August 15-
Syllabus and Schedule review. Equipment check out.
***iPads are available for check out during class and for homework if you’re enrolled in the in-person class. Window is open 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-7:00 M-Th, 8-12:00 and 1:00-5:00 on Fridays. Folder for class on a hard drive or cloud-based storage system. Folders should include native file format and designated file format for printing.
Expectations for print and portfolio review on November 9th.  Procreate overview

Homework – constructive criticism exercise

August 17- Constructive criticism mock critique. Lecture on line quality. Experiment with drawing tools: pencil, ink etc. Use one of these ink drawings to practice line quality. Studio time to work on your line drawings. Save as .jpegs for critique on Tuesday, 8/22.

Homework Create 5 drawings using 5 different pen/pencil tools. Use individual tools to inform your drawing. Be deliberate. See assignment specifications in lecture linked above. Email to me by the start of class on Tuesday.

Week 2
August 22- Line Drawings Critique Day- Have your drawings in a folder emailed to me by the start of class. Label with your name_Line.
Homework – Read this article on screen resolution vs. print resolution.

August 24- Screen resolution vs. print resolution what you need to know. Lecture and discussion, color and creating a conceptual framework– Spend the remainder of class experimenting with pastel techniques. Recording of today’s class is linked here

Week 3
August 29 –
Studio time for pastel drawing. Create a drawing using a monochromatic, analogous, triadic or complementary color scheme.

August 31- Critique 1 pastel drawings. Show your progress, get feedback and revise.

Week 4
September 5-Visit to the print lab. Creating large format prints, cutting, and mounting. Other print lab tools!

September 7- Critique Pastel assignment

Week 5
September 12 – 3:30 -4:00 VSIT TO THE PRINT LAB!  Lecture on Portraiture. 
Let’s look at a recent exhibition of Alice Neel’s work Introduce proportions of the face and figure- pair up and draw each other or someone in your house. Create a portrait for projection on Tuesday, September 21st.

September 14 –  Studio time for portraits. Share progress so far

Week 6

September 19 – Critique Day

September 21- Critique Day Introduce self portrait assignment. Draw your self portrait as your profile image for social media. You will be required to submit an artist’s statement with this piece. How to write an artist statement.
Recording of today’s lecture is linked here

Week 7
September 26-
Studio Time for Self portrait

September 28-  Mariah Fox Hausman will present her research on
NY City of Kings: A History of New York Graffiti, 3:00pm. In person students, attend at 3:00, Student Union Building, Room 321, 800 National Ave. 
online students participate over Zoom
We’ll resume class for a debrief at 4:45.

Week 8
October 3 – Let’s review the self portraits of Uldus Bakhtiozina
Present work to class for feedback.

October 5 – Midterm critique

Week 9
October 10 – Fall Recess no class

October 12 – Surrealism lecture Let’s have fun with our imagination today and create a surrealist image. Your Surrealist composition must use at least one original image that you use to create a pattern. See lecture for details regarding size and resolution of the printed image.

Week 10
October 17 – Getting started on your surrealist piece. We’re going to do an exercise on illogical juxtaposition. See Surrealism lecture for word pairings.

October 19 – critique day

Week 11
October 24- Second Chance Critique Day

October 26 –Introduction to watercolor lecture and discussion on representation, abstraction and non objective work. Watch this video tutorial for watercolor in Photoshop. Studio time develop ideas for watercolor assignment.Watercolor exercises in class.  Wet on wet, Wet on Dry, Dry brush, washes,

Week 12
October 31 –
Check in & Studio time

November 2 – Critique Day Watercolor

Week 13
November 7 –
Zoom talk with visiting muralist,  link here.
Izia Lindsay is a mixed media artist from the Caribbean. Rooted in tradition but interpreted with contemporary concepts, his subject matter tackles issues of identity and class in a post-colonial society using iconography and symbolism. 

November 9- Introduction to landscape oil painting & final project. Assignment: email me at least three landscape sketches to develop a personal landscape in oil.  

Week 14
November 14 – Critique 1  Landscape painting sketches and ideas.

November 16 -Studio time for landscape painting.

Week 15
November 21 – Work day for online students,
special print lab session for on-campus students.

November 23 – No class Fall Recess

Week 16
November 28- Critique 2   

November 30- Work day for final project, last minute feedback before getting it print-ready!

Thursday, December 7 – 11:00am -2:00pm  – Final Critique