Advanced Media Projects

MART 4650, CRN 3079
Advanced Media Projects
Monday & Wednesday
12:00 – 1:50 pm
Trolley Building, Lab 144

Lauren Addario
Instructor Media Arts & Technology
New Mexico Highlands University
Office Hours: Tuesdays 12:00 – 1:00. Wednesdays 10:00-11:00, Thursdays 2:00 -3:00 over Zoom

Phone: 505-454-3239

Safety: If you are sick, or test positive for COVID,  please attend via Zoom, and let me know how I can support you until you feel well enough to return to the class.

Tuesday, 1/23/24             Last day to enroll in a Spring semester class (full term)
Friday, 1/26/24                  Last day to drop a class
Monday, 1/29/24             MA&T evening labs open Monday thru Thursday and Sunday afternoon

January 17th
Lecture: Introduction & Discussion Review of syllabus; what to expect in this course
• Finishing undergraduate school with a BFA; what does that look like?
• Approaches to creating an exhibit; feedback session
• My budget
Get your sketchbook
Gather samples of your work to share (3-5 minutes each person) Prepare a digital folder of examples of your own past work to share one-on-one. These images should be hi-res, you can always reduce file sizes for web and other digital reproduction.
Set up a public-facing Instagram Page and start posting your work. Use tags, reels, and follow other artists who inspire you.

List of projects due by May 6th

Nearly every assignment will be a work in progress until the final week of the semester. Keep at it until everything is as polished as you can make it.


Cover Letter/Letterhead 

Abstract & Budget 

Business Card 

Personal Statement 

               Presenting Your Work / Midterm 

Online Presence 

                Job or Grad School Application 

2 Letters of Recommendation 

                One Professional Interview 

Final Exhibit and Finished Project

January 22

Lecture: Show examples of student portfolios/resumes/ (20 minutes)
Chris Romero
Patty, Digital Portfolio
Chris Romero, Digital Portfolio
Koshila Perera

Consultations: Show Me Your Work (in 5 minutes or less)
Finding inspiration

HW: Prepare a presentation of 2-3 examples of inspiration for the group. Be prepared to discuss why this intrigued or interested you and how it might relate to your own artistic endeavors.

January 24
Presentations: Sharing Inspiration
Presentation of inspirational examples for the group/discussion
How to create an exhibition proposal

HW: Create an initial proposal for your exhibit. Answer the following questions:
What is your preliminary idea?
Is it 2-D, 3-D, interactive, screen based?
How many works do you want to include?
Where in the building would you like it to be?
This should be a 1-2 paragraph proposal and we’ll build on this foundation for the rest of the semester.

January 29
The anatomy of a resume. See examples here. We’ll begin to craft our master resume today
HW complete your master resume and bring a hard copy to class on Wednesday.

January 31
We’ll review and edit your resume in class today. Look for job postings, find one you like and customize your resume for it.
HW complete your customized resume, use the tools you’re learning in publication design, print it and we’ll review it in class on Wednesday, 2/7.

February 5
Field trip meet at 10:00 am in Santa Fe.

10am– tour of Vladem (approx. 1 hour)

12:30pm– tour of Plaza building (1 hour)

1:30pm– Meet with Abby Smith to learn about Library & Archives (about half an hour)

Vladem Contempoary, NM Museum of Art, Railyard/Downtown galleries, Santa Fe (time permitting)

February 7
Customized resume and job posting review.
Making budgets in MS Excel. Your budget is $250.00, you can buy it all and be reimbursed, or, Mary can buy it for you from an approved vendor. Here’s a sample budget
Next: Create a schedule of Deliverables. Here’s an example of a schedule of deliverables
In class, together: Review schedule of deliverables, budget, exhibit proposal.
HW: Refine your exhibit proposal and budget.  Email/print and send to me by Monday, February 12th
Gather images of your work, document, and get ready to put on your website.

February 12
Your online presence, what does it currently look like? Building/refining your portfolio site, lecture
HW research other artists’ online presence, find out what resonates with you. Craft your website to reflect your best work in an organized and clear presentation.

February 14
Make a list of the things you will need to make your brand complete and cohesive. In class and homework, set up/refine your website, decide on top navigation, resize images and get ready to build/refine it on your preferred platform. Work on your logo ideas, letterhead ideas, and header images for your website. Send me your portfolio link by Monday 2/19

February 19
Conclude the direction for your final exhibit. Review and revise your schedule of goals and deliverables, review and polish budget, finish abstract (exhibit description).

February 21
Lecture How to write an artist’s statement
We’ll work on a draft in class and prepare for a portfolio critique with Mariah next week, write your artist statement, work on your final  exhibit projects. Let’s synthesize all the elements!

HW: Revise and plan your personal identity: business card, resume, letterhead (cover) and online presence. Use InDesign and your proofed Word documents to create a prototype business card,  template for your resume, letterhead for your cover letter. Have these printed for portfolio review with Mariah on 2/28.

February 26
Behind the scenes at Meow Wolf. Meet there at 10:45 am> If you’re leaving from Las Vegas be at the building by 9:30 to ride with Destiny.

February 28
Critique: We will meet over Zoom today,
Present Your Portfolio
Get feedback on your personal identity and projects (BFA exhibit project(s), resume, abstract, business card, letterhead, statement, budget, online presence/digital portfolio). Use Lydia’s Resume as an example of how to format yours.

HW Submit draft hard copies for thorough evaluation
*I should have the following items from each of you before midterms:

Your master resumé
Your resume tailored for a specific job posting (please send a link to the posting as well)
Your revised proposals
Your artist’s statement
a link to your online portfolio
your schedule of deliverables
a draft of your business card and letterhead

March 4
Mariah in class, portfolio review, continued.
Consultations: Revise Goals based on Critique
Create a revised timeline of goals
Revise personal (artist ) statement
Work on your final exhibit project (s)
Discuss exhibit date

March 6
Group Meeting: Let’s get concrete with our calendars!
Timeline, Misc Updates
Studio time
Work on your final exhibit project(s)

March 11 – 15th Spring Break!

March 18
Homework: Research the visiting guest lecturer and prepare a question to ask regarding freelance work in NM.

March 20
Guest Lecture Chris Romero, NMHU Alumnus. How to run a freelance Design Business

March 25
Lecture: Writing a Cover Letter & Interviewing for a Position Examples, tips and tactics for finding and landing a job or spot in grad school. Online Portfolio best practices Teianna Mitchell.
HW Write your cover letter

The importance of photographing 3-D projects. Tips.
Create a schedule/plan to shoot your own 3-D work (if applicable)
Submit hard copy of Personal (Artist) Statement for final feedback
Work on your final exhibit project(s)
Work on your final portfolio
Studio time

March 27
BFA Show Theme (Title) and Promo Materials
Plan the final exhibit. Delegate tasks and create final timeline.
Studio time
Design invitation/save the date email

April 1
Consultations: Check in and Review
Re-align, revise, what do you need to pull your exhibit over the finish line?
Polish and complete invitation/save the date
Studio time

April 3
Group Meeting: BFA Show Set Up, Map and Catering, etc
Plan the final exhibit. Delegate tasks and create timeline.
Send out FINAL invitation/save the date (digital and hard copy)
Studio time

April 8
Class cancelled due to ransom ware attack at NMHU

April 10
Class cancelled due to ransom ware attack at NMHU

April 15

Critique: Present Your Final Portfolio
Get final feedback on your personal identity and projects (exhibit project, resume, abstract, business card, letterhead, web presence) Do you have everything in process?

April 17
Consultations: Check in and Review
Polish and finish
Studio time

April 22
Lecture: BFA Show Installation
Prepare and plan to install your show
Photograph your final exhibit project(s)
Work on your final portfolio
Studio time

April 24
Begin to install your show
Work on your final portfolio
Studio time

April 29
Last week of classes!
finish installing your show
Work on your final portfolio
Studio time

May 1st
Group Discussion: BFA Show Review
Last day of class


Monday, May 6th FINAL CRITIQUE & STUDENT PRESENTATIONS: 9:00 – 10:30 am. Over Zoom
ALL Semester work due.
Final Portfolio .ZIP Submission: upload to OneDrive DUE!