Visual Concepts in person

Visual Concepts FDMA 1210
M & W 2:00 – 3:50

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Lauren Addario
Media Arts & Technology
TB 135 505-454-3239
Office Hours M 11:00-12:00 virtual; T 12:30-2:00 in TB135; Th 12:30 – 1:30 VIrtual, & by appointment

This class is hybrid: Lectures will be online &  combined with the online class on Mondays, 2:00-3:50
On Wednesdays, we’ll meet in TB 117 2:00 – 3:50


Week 1
August 15– Introductions | Review syllabus and policies | Follow @humediaarts like, comment, or share a post!
Introduce assignment #1 mock critique.
: Bring an object to class for mock critique Homework: Reading: Design Process

August 17- In class mock critique, lecture and in-class exercises: What is Design?  
Homework: Using the lecture as a guide, define the following vocabularyEmail to me before the start of class on Monday, August 22nd.
Also watch this one minute video on Unity 

August 22 – Lecture on Unity
Find examples of unity online through these artists.  Andy Goldsworthy, Louise Nevelson, Chuck Close. Find one artist on your own. Share that artist with the class. 
In class exercise, create a unified composition through proximity using the shapes here. We’ll do a short critique in class. Assignment 2, linked here & due on Wednesday, August 24th. Vocabulary words for Lecture 2 are here.

August 24 – Project due, Critique Day
Visit the print lab & learn how to cut and mount your work!

August 29- Lecture BalanceIntroduce Assignment 3 | Your shapes are in the print lab and you can use as many shapes as you need to complete this assignment. If you need more printed, ask Cabrini to print them for you.
Vocabulary words for Lecture 3 are here

August 31Project due, Critique Day, meet in Critique room B

September 5- LABOR DAY, No class

September 7- Lecture Emphasis and Focal Point    Introduce Assignment 4 Review all vocabulary words in preparation for quiz on Monday, September, 12th.

Week 5
September 12 – Quiz 1,  

September 14- Quiz review  Project Due, Critique Day

Week 6
September 19- Critique continued–  Lecture Rhythm and Repetition,  Vocabulary Words for Lecture 5 are here.

September 21- Introduce midterm assignment using Rhythm and Repetition | How to write an artist’s statement.

Week 7
September 26- Proposal Draft 1 due, present your ideas for the midterm | Class time for review of proposal and refine ideas 

September 28-
Critique 1 midterm, review progress and be prepared to incorporate constructive criticism into your midterm work.

Week 8
October 3 – Critique 2 Show the class what you’re working on and get feedback!

October 5 – Midterm Critique

Week 9
October 10 – No class Fall Break

October 12 –  Lecture Scale & Proportion |Introduce Assignment 5 Software demo: How to resize images in Photoshop, flattening images, saving work as jpegs or pdfs, exporting for print.
Vocabulary for Lecture on Scale and proportion is linked here and due on Monday.

Week 10
October 17Project 5 Due,  critique day All printed assignments must be mounted on foam core and ready to show at the beginning of class. 

October 19 – Critique continued…Check out this article in the New York Times  Lecture LineIntroduce Assignment 6 | Photoshop review, Vocabulary for lecture 7 is linked here

Week 11
October 24-Project 6 Due,  critique day

October 26-Work day, save line project in native file format and we’ll prepare it for print on Monday

Week 12
October 31 – One more look at line drawings!  Preparing a file for print | discussion of file size, screen and print resolution, transferring of files via email and third party systems. Review for quiz 2

November 2 – Lecture Value and Color | Introduce Project 7, Propaganda Poster 
Know your propaganda!
Recording of today’s lecture is here

Week 13
November 7 –Quiz 2, Vocabulary 4, 5, 6, 7. 

November 9 – Quiz review, project 7 work day

Week 14
November 14 –  Project 7 Due,  critique day

November 16 – Introduce final project hand out Munny Dolls/visit print lab for materials and printing instructions. Here’s a link to the lecture

Week 15
November 21 – Present initial ideas to class 
November 23 – No class Fall Recess

Week 16
November 28- Critique 1
November 30-  Critique 2

Final, Wednesday, December 7th  2:30 -5:30