Grading Rubric

Grading Rubric for Papers

MART 3500 M,W 2:00-3:50

***You are required to send a rough draft to me one week prior to the due date. I want to  help you write a better paper!***

You will be assessed in the following areas for each paper:


Did you address the paper questions? -10 for each question missed

Do you have supporting points/quotations? -10 for each point not supported

Are your sentences clear? -2 pts for each sentence that is not clear

Does each paragraph clarify a single thought? -3 pts


Do you have an introduction and conclusion? -5pts

Is your paper organized? -5 pts

Do you have a Works Cited -10 pts

Incorrect style of citation on works cited -5 pts

Works Cited (not on own page) -2 pts

Absence of in text citations, though cited in body of text -3 pts

Improper method of citation, -2 pts

Grammar and Spelling:

From the writing center: The role of grammar
In the Writing Center, we take a holistic approach to writing and tutoring. Although we recognize the importance of grammar and mechanics, we understand that writing is much more than punctuation and capitalization. Sessions focus primarily on global concerns like organization and argumentation.

Do you have between 1 and 4 grammar or spelling mistakes? -3pts

More than 5 grammar or spelling mistakes? -6pts

More than 7  grammar or spelling mistakes? -10pts

For each hour your paper is late you will lose 5pts