Cultural Technology Internship I

Cultural Technology INternship i
Tuesday, 1:00 -2:50
Distance Learning- Summer 2020

Lauren Addario
Faculty, Media Arts & Technology
Director, Cultural Technology Internship Program

TB 135 505-454-3239 (during COVID there will be no in person meetings)
Office Hours by appointment

Description of Course
The first segment of a two-semester professional internship between NMHU students and Mexico Cultural Institutions. This course is designed to support students as they gain practical technology experience, engage with current trends in emerging technology, and critical thinking through research, reflection, reflection papers and working with industry professionals. Students will collaborate with their advisor and on-site mentor to explore best practices and accessibility in cultural organizations.

This class will meet during the month of July. Additional weekly meetings with museum staff and exhibition team via Zoom will be required to fulfill the contact hours for this class.

Resources for this class

July 7- Your proposal for this internship- Here’s the template
Set up a Slack Channel
Check out 
I’ll introduce you to Caroline Brooks at the Roswell Museum and you’ll upload the Practicum projects to their site.
Rianne created a 3-D viewer for a mobile phone: Check it out here

Homework: read the following articles and be prepared to discuss them on July 14.

July 14- Discussion & presentation of deliverables for NMMoA
Homework: Read this article and write about it. Describe at least three ways we can decolonize collections immediately.  

July 21- Project management, let’s go back to the beginning, what did your proposal say, are you following the guidelines you set up for yourself?
Simone Seagle created this online interactive as a passion project. What are some of the ways she can promote it?
Homework: Fill out this evaluation form
Reflection paper, answer these four questions
1)  Describe the activities you did as an emergency cultural service intern
2) Discuss some of the obstacles or difficulties you’re facing (if any) in completing your ongoing projects.
3) Describe specifics about bringing your technology solutions to NM cultural institutions. How did you adapt to the challenge?
4) Discuss your expectations of the experience and compare them to what actually happened.

July 28- Tools for emerging technology. What are they, what have we learned? Final reflection paper due.