Cultural Technology Internship I

Cultural Technology INternship i
Tuesday, 1:00 -2:50
Summer 2024

Lauren Addario
Faculty, Media Arts & Technology
Director, Cultural Technology Internship Program

TB 135 505-454-3239 
Office Hours by appointment
Zoom link for class

Description of Course
The first segment of a two-semester professional internship between NMHU students and Mexico Cultural Institutions. This course is designed to support students as they gain practical technology experience, engage with current trends in emerging technology, and critical thinking through research, reflection, reflection papers and working with industry professionals. Students will collaborate with their advisor and on-site mentor to explore best practices and accessibility in cultural organizations.

This class will be from May 14th – June 18th. Additional weekly meetings with your on-site internship mentor and/or museum staff will fulfill the contact hours for this class.


May 14- 1:00 -2:00 Orientation and Introductions, time sheets, what’s expected of you during your internship. Documentation: You’ll have to present your progress on June 4th and you’ll need to show us what you’ve done for your internship!
2:00 Meet with your mentors set up daily schedule and weekly meetings.
Destiny- Email Cody and Joe to set up separate meeting, join Gabriel today to meet with Rob and Rianne
Julianna -Staci
Gabriel and Destiny- Rob and Rianne
Josh-Jake Erickson, Sarah Kim, Frank Regano

Homework: Learn how to submit for awards! Research this website 
We’ll put together a submission over the next 6 weeks using the Land Back Exhibit we did during Media Arts Seminar in Fall 2023.

May 21- Field Trip! Museum of International Folk Art
Homework: Research this conference. We’re also going to submit a proposal about the Land Back project to this conference.

May 29- Field Trip! *** note, Wednesday class***
Santa Fe Children’s Museum
Homework: Continue to revise and prepare for submission for the DESIGNING FOR EMPATHY® SUMMIT & MCN

June 4 – Class over Zoom, Check in, show your progress so far, 10 minute presentation.
Homework: Continue to revise and prepare for submission for the DESIGNING FOR EMPATHY® SUMMIT & MCN

June 11 – Field Trip!
Currents New Media Exhibit
Homework: Preservation and discussion read these two articles. How can Cultural Technology help?
Visit to a vanishing Glacier

June 18 – Class over Zoom –Final presentations 10 minutes each- show your projects and discuss your experience. Reflection paper due.|
Answer the following questions:
1)  Describe the activities you did as cultural technology intern
2) Discuss some of the obstacles or difficulties you’re facing (if any) in completing your ongoing projects.
3) Describe specifics about your project. How did you adapt to challenges?
4) Discuss your expectations of the experience and compare them to what actually happened.