Cultural Technology Mentorship Summer 2022

MART 4940/5940 &  4980/5980
May 21- June 29
Wednesday 1:00 -2:50
Zoom link for class

Lauren Addario
Instructor Media Arts & Technology
New Mexico Highlands University

Phone: 505-454-3239

Teaching Assistants
Veronica Black

Becca Sharp

Office Hours: Email us whenever, but I will make myself available on Wednesday mornings 10:00- 12:00 before class for virtual office hours

WEEK 1 May 25 – Our first class will be at Electric Playhouse. Meet there at 1:00. Lunch will be provided. Time tracking talk!

WEEK 2 June 1  –  Becca and Veronica will lead class, timesheet review and reflection exercise!

WEEK 3 June 8 -Documenting your work! Gallagher feedback, Zoom
Class recording is here

WEEK 4 June 15- Student presentations, feedback and presentation tips. Zoom class

WEEK 5 June 22 – Currents & Pie Projects

WEEK 6  June 29 – Final presentations 10 minutes each- show your projects and discuss your experience. Reflection paper due. Answer the following questions:
1)  Describe the activities you did as a cultural technology intern
2) Discuss some of the obstacles or difficulties you’re facing (if any) in completing your ongoing projects.
3) Describe specifics about bringing your technology solutions to NM cultural institutions. How did you adapt to the challenge?
4) Discuss your expectations of the experience and compare them to what actually happened.

Final presentations recording is here