Color Theory Spring 2023

Color Theory and Ideational Concepts
FDMA 2200, CRN 3414,3415
Spring 2023

T, TR 1:00-2:50
TB117 and over Zoom

Lauren Addario
Instructor Media Arts & Technology
New Mexico Highlands University
Office Hours: Tuesday over Zoom 12:00 – 1:00., Wednesday over Zoom 10:00-11:00, Thursday TB 135 12:00-1:00

Phone: 505-454-3239

This class will meet over Zoom on Tuesdays for a lecture at this link

Tuesdays 1:00 -2:50 Zoom Lecture
Thursdays 1:00 – 2:50 TB117 On-campus students

Safety: If you are sick, test positive, or have had close contact with someone who is sick or has tested positive, please attend via zoom, and let me know how I can support you until you feel safe enough to return to the class.

Week 1
January 17 – Syllabus review, Class schedule.
Color is the most relative medium in art.
Read this and do Color Theory Assignment 1 by THURSDAY. Email me your answers before the start of class.

January 19 – Review and discussion, assignment 1. The science of color, discussion & lecture In class assignment, developing sensitivity to value. Introduce Assignment 2 

Below are two examples of what Assignment 2 will look like. Due at the start of class on 1/24

week 2

January 24- Critique Day: greyscale project. Constructive Criticism and critique. Recording of today’s class is linked here

Homework: Read Interaction of Color, Introduction by Josef Albers.

January  26 –  Lecture Introduce Assignment 3, Color Influence. We’ll work on this during class. Here’s your template.  
 Define these terms, Color Theory vocabulary (lectures 1 & 2) and read chapter VII 2 different colors look alike- subtraction of color. Your vocabulary definitions and your assignment 3 are both due before the start of class on Tuesday, January 31.

Week 3
January 31-
Review vocabulary terms, review color influenceLecture, color subtraction In class assignment & work day: Color subtraction. Here’s your Assignment 4 on color subtraction. Here’s your template for this assignment. Recording of today’s class is linked here

February 2 – ***This class will be held over Zoom*** Critique Day: Assignment 4, Color Subtraction. Recording of today’s class is linked here 

Week 4
February 7 – Lecture: color systems  Review  Assignment 5 & Assignment 6  color wheel template linked here.  review for quiz
Recording of today’s class is linked here

February 9 –  Work Day!
Assignments 5 and Assignment 6

Week 5
February 14 – CT Quiz 1  & amnesty work day. Get help on any missing/late assignments or any assignments that you want to revise for a higher grade.

February 16- Guest lecture by Jessica Zollman! Color and light. If you’re enrolled in the online section of class, feel free to attend this lecture in person! It will be in Lab 2, TB 117.

Week 6
February 21— Review quiz & Critique Day: Assignments 5 & 6

February 23— Finish up Critique for assignments 5& 6
Lecture Value Migration. Test your color IQ  Link to Assignment 7 on Value Migration is here. Let’s work on this in class & we’ll have a critique at the end of class. Email Assignment 7 by the start of class on Tuesday, February 28th
Homework: Read Chapter XV in The Interaction of Color.

Week 7
February 28 – Lecture portrait assignment. Introduce Assignment 8 Create a greyscale vector portrait using the pen tool. This is your midterm project!
Software demo and tutorial Here’s a .pdf of the beginner’s guide and an introduction to the pen tool and a practice tool
Cabrini will lead a software demo for getting started on your portrait assignment. Recording of today’s class is linked here

March 2 – short critique of value assignment. In class workday for Assignment 8 Review for midterm exam 

Week 8
March 7 -Critique Assignment 8 

March 9-Midterm exam, you can leave when you’re finished. If you have any missed assignments, all assignments from first half of semester are due by the end of today.

Week 9


Week 10
March 21 – Review Midterm exam/
Introduce Assignment 9, color your representational portrait.
But before we do that, let’s look at previous versions of this assignment.

March 23 – Critique Day Assignment 9

Week 11
March 28 – Finish Critique, discussion. Demo- setting up to print
Take your non-representational image and choose 4 different color schemes. Introduce Assignment 10
Recording of today’s class is linked here

March 30– Critique Day, Assignment 10 

Week 12
April 4–
Put together the four non-representational images to make one image. Open Illustrator, set document size to 18 x 24 portrait, paste all 4 images into a single document and align, save as .pdf and send to me. We’ll do this for the first 30 minutes of class.

Lecture the primary colors of light. Applying colors to the web and screen based interfaces.
Introduce Assignment 11
Template for assignment 11 is linked here  
Recording of today’s class is linked here

April 6 –Critique Day – screen based interfaces

Week 13
April 11–
 Lecture: Vibrating Boundaries. Introduce Psychedelic Poster project.  Step one: Take 20 minutes to create your color palette. Let’s review it with the class. Recording of today’s class is linked here

April 13- Work day psychedelic poster project

Week 14
April 18thCritique Psychedelic Poster project.

April 20-Introduce Final Project, details for your final project are linked here
Homework: On Tuesday, 4/25, be prepared to present two different color schemes and two different living spaces. Be prepared to present your ideas, electronically designed in an appropriate software tool such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

Week 15
April 25
– Critique 1- Presentation of two different color schemes and two different diorama ideas. Be prepared to present your ideas, electronically, designed in an appropriate software tool such as Photoshop, or Illustrator. Based on this critique, select the color scheme and theme for your diorama. 
Homework Due next class. Start working on your diorama, cut initial pieces, gather all your materials and objects and get them ready for assembly.

April 27- Present initial pieces, objects, and materials for assembly. Work Day, we’ll go to the print lab and learn how to cut and glue diorama boxes. Online students, I’m bringing you along on my laptop 🙂
Homework Due next class: Assemble your diorama for first critique

Week 16 ***Announcement*** We will hang the show on Sunday, May 7th!

May 2-This will be the final working critique, now is the time to work on the final touches and get feedback. You should have your diorama almost completed by today, and critique will give you the opportunity to finalize your work.

May 4*** Selection of dioramas for the final show will be today!  Work day and final touches. All your work must be mounted for the final show by tomorrow 5/5. We will use the class time to mount work and do final touches on your diorama.

Final Critique: Thursday, May 11, 7:30 am. The building doesn’t open until 8:00am we will start our final at 8:00am in person and over Zoom! ***Remember, you can redo any assignment and turn it in to me by the end of the day on Thursday, May 11th. ***