Design For Web Syllabus

Design for Web Syllabus M W 2:00 – 3:50
TB 117
Mart 313
Spring 2019

Lauren Addario
Visiting Instructor Media Arts & Technology
New Mexico Highlands University
Office location Trolley Building 135
Office Hours: M, W 11-noon, T 1-3 & by appointment
Phone: 505-454-3239.

Description of Course:
This course is designed to introduce digitally savvy students to web site structure, design, function, terminology and user experience. Students will practice current industry standard development code including HTML5, CSS and others. We will discuss production for different platforms & browsers, address issues about mobile & small screen presentation, CMS systems, & considerations of accessibility & user experience. This class is a combination of the technical skills of front end production, with the conceptual discussion of experience design & usability.

Course Pre-requisites:  None

Required Textbook (s): No required textbook; research and readings from web sites, tutorials, blogs and articles as assigned.

General Objectives:
General Objectives of the Course are:
1) To introduce students to web design, principles and techniques, structures, protocols, accessibility and software
2) Give students the opportunity to prototype their own websites
3) Teach industry standard code, and web design programs in order to create
responsive, accessible designs

Specific Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course, students should be able to:
1) Build a complete, well-designed, multipage prototyped website using industry standard design tools
2) Design sites that are responsive to different devices and platforms
3) Understand accessibility and universal design principles
3) Understand and practice industry standard image and text protocols

Major Topics:
Major topics to be studied include:
Accessibility and responsive design
2) Design for the screen, typography
3) Visual logic, informational flow & hierarchy
4) Interactivity
5) Navigation

Instructional Methods and Techniques:
Instructional methods/techniques to be used will include:
1) Guest lectures/demonstrations
2) Visual presentations
3) Conceptual experimentations/development
4) Comprehensive Critiques/analysis

Assignments for the course:
Assignments for students in the course will include:
1) Community website research
2) Develop a prototype for a personal website with user-centered design for the web
3) Community site redesign exercises
4) Site redesign prototype including, accessibility and responsive site capability for mobile devices & tablets


99-100 A+
94-98 A
90-93 A-
86-89 B+
84-85 B
80-83 B-
75-79 C+
70-74 C
60-69 D
50-59 F

Attendance and behavior

Cell phones and texting are not permitted. Failure to recognize this policy will result in a grade reduction. If you are sick or have to miss class, you are responsible for finding out the assignment from a classmate or the instructor and you are responsible for coming to the next class with any missed work completed. Students CANNOT miss critique. If final critique is missed you will fail the class.
4 absences = final grade is dropped one full letter grade
5 absences = final grade is dropped two full letter grades
6 absences = final grade is dropped three full letter grades
7 absences = final grade is an F
3 tardies =1 absence
Leaving class early or arriving late will count as a tardy. This applies to not being on task, not having your materials in class, or taking long breaks during class time.

Your grade will be determined by the following formula

60% – Class participation and homework

20% – Midterm

20% – Final

Academic Integrity

NMHU media arts is a program designed to learn, absorb, discuss and question; to expand one’s mind through rigorous intellectual exploration. Integrity of the educational experience is diminished by cheating in class, plagiarizing, lying, or employing other modes of deceitful behavior, plagiarism and copyright infringement will not be tolerated. If you have any questions about academic dishonesty, read this policy, ask me and/or check with the writing center.

Accessibility Statement

In accordance with federal law, it is university policy to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you believe that you have a physical, learning, or psychological disability that requires an academic accommodation, contact the Coordinator of Accessibility Services by phone at (505) 454-3188 or 454-3252, via e-mail at, or visit the Felix Martinez Building, Suite 130 on the Las Vegas campus. If you need the document upon which this notice appears in an alternative format, you may also contact the Coordinator of Accessibility Service: David Esquibel, Student Advisor/Coordinator of Testing and Accessibility Services.

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Additional resources available to you include:

Student Health Center Main Campus-(Counseling) 505-454-3218

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