Syllabus Cultural Technology Internship I

Cultural Technology Internship I
MART 6980

Media Arts & Technology
New Mexico Highlands University
Summer, 2024

Lauren Addario
Instructor, Media Arts & Technology
New Mexico Highlands University
Office Hours:  by appointment only during the summer
Office Location: TB 135

Phone: 505-454-3239.

Description of Course
The first segment of a two-semester professional internship between NMHU students and Mexico Cultural Institutions. This course is designed to support students as they gain practical technology experience, engage with current trends in emerging technology, and critical thinking through research, reflection, reflection papers and working with industry professionals. Students will collaborate with their advisor and on-site mentor to explore best practices and accessibility in cultural organizations.

Course prerequisites: None

Required Textbooks: No required textbook; research and readings from websites, tutorials, and articles will be assigned.

General Objective:
General Objectives of the Course are:
1) Successfully complete an internship in Cultural Technology
2) Engage with current and emerging technology in a professional cultural institution
3) Develop and refine critical thinking through research, writing, and self-reflection
4) Successfully collaborate with on-site mentor and advisor to explore best practices in accessibility

Specific Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course, students should be able to:
1) Know and understand what is required to serve in a professional cultural institution as an intern
2) Know how to write proposals, work with clients, work with deadlines and deliver and evaluate your performance with regard to the objectives of your internship
3) Understand how to collaborate in a professional environment, assess strengths and weaknesses, and engage with current trends in emerging technology in institutional settings
4) Think critically and present about current industry trends and accessibility

Major Topics:
Major topics to be studied include:
1) Tools for emerging technology in cultural institutions
2) Project management, archiving, file sharing, digital preservation and disaster preparedness
3) Job placement and portfolio development
4) Budget and fiscal management
5) Social networking and online cultural experiences
6) Accessibility

Instructional Methods & Techniques:
Instructional methods/techniques to be used will include:
1) Lectures and guest speakers
2) Tutorials and online resources
3) In-class demonstrations
4) Field trips to current exhibitions
5) Analysis of internship projects/placements

Assignments for Course:
Assignments for students in the course will include:
1) Students will research and present on current trends in cultural technology
2) Students will research, evaluate and analyze accessibility in exhibits and online
3) Students will  select and apply for a job
4) Students will develop a budget as part of a proposal
5) Students will document and present a summary of their internship experience

Evaluation will be based upon the following:
1) 40% will be based on assignments
2) 40% will be based on midterm and final presentations
3) 20% will be based on class participation