Media Arts Seminar Fall 2023

Media Arts Seminar
M,W 2:00 -3:50
TB 144 & over Zoom for online students
Zoom Link for Online Students

Lauren Addario &
Joe Zebrowski
Media Arts & Technology
TB 135 505-454-3239
Office Hours M 12:00-1:00; T 12:30-2:00; Th 12:30 – 1:30 VIrtual, & by appointment

Safety: NMHU COVID policy is linked here
If you are sick, test positive, or have had close contact with someone who is sick or has tested positive, please attend via zoom, and let me know how I can support you until you feel safe enough to return to the class.

CLASS SCHEDULE: This class is hybrid and will meet in person and online.  *students registered for the online section of class will meet over Zoom.

Week 1
August 14–  Introductions | Review syllabus and policies |
| What to expect from this class | Role of cultural technology in Media Arts & Technology CCT Project Showcase
Introduction to mapping and GIS by Joe Zebrowski

This class will include a field trip to Santa Fe, NM scheduled for the afternoon of August 23rd. We’re doing our community-based exhibit with the NM State Land Office on monitoring and preserving cultural sites from an Indigenous perspective. Joe has experience incorporating the latest GIS/AI technology and we will look at what the future of GIS might look like using AI.

August 16- Ethan in class, introduction to the New Mexico State Land Office
Resources for you from the NMSLO

Homework due 8/21: Sign up for ArcGIS online, review tutorials, & Review Mario Griego’s portfolio

Week 2
August 21 – Class will be over Zoom today! Mario Griego, guest speaker, exhibition and commercial designer. Graduate BFA Media Arts in Graphic Design, 2015. Watch his presentation here

Mario Griego is a creative branding and graphic designer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. With a passion for problem solving he has partnered with brands such as Girl Scouts of the USA, HotHands, and Kinesio Tape. The design for his family’s diesel repair shop has been nationally recognized by Print Magazine’s Regional Design Awards.

August 23 – Field trip to NM State Land Office- Ethan will arrange a tour of the building, potential spaces for exhibit, public cultural data sets, archeological data etc.  

Week 3
August 28- Visit from Rose Gonzales at the writing center 2:00-2:50

Here’s how you will be evaluated for your papers
Writing Center: x 3537 Visit Writing Center
multiple drafts, read out loud, spell check, Student Academic Integrity Policy
Check out: Purdue’s The Owl for citation help.  Here’s a PowerPoint presentation on MLA style.

THEN Debrief our Field Trip to NM State Land Office 

Homework: read this!

August 30 –
Brainstorm deliverables for exhibit and break into teams

Introduce writing assignment 1

Ignite presentations. Research and present on an ArcGIS map that has relevance and benefit to our community. presentation, 5 minutes, 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide.| Prepare this in Google Slides then follow these instructions below.
Preparing an Ignite presentation
How to do a presentation: Veronica Black! Her slides are linked here

Homework: ArcGIS Training Due by the start of class 9/6
ArcGIS Online Basics

It will take about two hours to complete. You’ll need to login with your account to access it. At the completion of the course you will generate a completion certificate. Email a screenshot of your certificate to me before the start of class on 9/6

Creating and Sharing GIS Content Using ArcGIS Online

Week 4
September 6– Rianne Trujillo, guest speaker,  Lecture on importing data sets and designing them for accessibility.
Recording of Rianne’s lecture and workshop is here.

Homework: Prepare 2 potential Ignite topics. Email links to me prior to the start of class and have them ready to go on Monday, 9/11. 

Week 5
September 11-Present 2 potential Ignite topics to the class.

September 13 – Rough Drafts DUE. Pair up, read your paper aloud and do peer editing. GA’s work with pairs to help edit papers.

Week 6
September 18 – MFA Candidate and Teaching Assistant Emily Clark Introduces Documentary and Narrative Film. Her slides can be viewed here
Recording of today’s lecture is here
Homework: Reading assignment on documentary filmmaking
Watch film by Patty Chavez, Director and Producer of The Ties that Bind Us. This is an award-winning short now streaming on Xerb. It was awarded a $17,000 production fund for screenwriting and was awarded the grand yearly prize at the Hispanic Film Fest for Best directing, as well as took home some other awards for, Best original score, best First-time Female Director, best original story, and best acting duo.
Production Sample:  #WHITINA – This was a USC Thesis film and executive produced by Kevin Hart, 2021. 

September 20-Design papers due by the start of class Introduce midterm and final project! Here’s an example presentation done by PICT for their midterm in Spring 2023 Production plans, here’s a sample plan,   Project management lecture

Recording of today’s class is here

After our visit to the print lab, let’s use the remaining class time today to meet with your groups and start planning!
Homework: Review student documentary films and animations. Quantum Computing Explained! Lindsey Abeita’s video, (Long Walk, memories of migration, Jewish Merchants, Mother Teal and the Overland Route, Navajo Rodeo, Sheep is Life)
Link to assignment 2 essay on film and video.
Paper Due 10/11/23 at the start of class

Week 7
September 25th- Class will be over Zoom today and we’ll watch the Documentary, Waste Land  Here’s the official trailer
To find it:
Go to the Donnelly Library Homepage
scroll down to databases by title
Scroll to Kanopy >login using university username and password
search for the movie Waste Land. Make sure you select the correct movie!

Homework: work on your Ignite Presentations!

September 27- ROUGH DRAFTS for film papers due Friday 9/29
Ignite Presentations!

Week 8
October 2 – Joe Zebrowski, back in class today!
Finish up Ignite presentations
Homework, prepare your presentations.
Information about display stands
Surface Pro stands
More stands and display products

October 4 – Work day-Let’s talk about exhibit ideas & your exhibit plans.
Important dates! 10/18, 10/27 (content), install date, opening during finals week, Monday, December 4 –  2:30 -5:30pm. Opening reception @ NMSLO 3:30 -4:30
Design team, pull colors and logo from website. Font is Monserrat
prepare for October 18th presentations.
What will you do? Show mock-ups/examples
Where will you install it?
How much will it cost?
What content do you need from NMSLO?

For example, content for land acknowledgement statement. 
Content explaining land exchange program
Here’s the shared Google Slides Presentation Template

Week 9
October 9 – No class Fall Break

October 11 –  ***Film papers due at the start of class.***
Practice Presentations for NMSLO Your budget is here
***Announcement***Brown Bag talk at NMSLO on 10/18 at 1:30 Gregorio Gonzales  
Universal/Inclusive Design and Accessibility
Preparing for Jonathan Lee’s lecture on Monday. create an account here
Think of a problem you want to solve or a question you have like logo design ideas, UX design ideas. Something from another class that isn’t MART?
@3:30 Visit Print Lab and review tools available to you for the exhibit.

Homework: Introduction to Multimedia and Interactivity Watch this: The AI Dilemma

Week 10
October 16 –  Guest Speaker, Jonathan Lee, Chat GPT and prompt engineering. Recording of today’s class is linked here
Link to writing assignment 3 Multimedia & Technology
Homework: Reading about diversity in technology here
and here 
Image Bias in AI 

October 18 *** Rescheduled Field Trip to Santa Fe — New date, Wednesday, November 1
***Today’s Zoom presentation will serve as our proposal document. Request sign off by 10/23.

Week 11
October 23- Review feedback from NMSLO. If we don’t have it, then
Introduction to Photography & Photojournalism. Photojournalism Lecture.
Paper requirements for Photography & Photojournalism

October 25-Destiny Presentation on History of Animation/relevant to Seminar
***Final content from NMSLO 10/27***
Rough drafts for Multimedia and Interactivity due today

Week 12
October 30- Initial prototypes due – presentation critique in class & get ready to present prototypes to NMSLO on Wednesday.

November 1 –  FIELD TRIP! student presentation, prototypes, and feedback, NMSLO  

Week 13
November 6 –  ***Multimedia & Technology papers due today***
Work Day. Get ready for Critique 2

November 8 – Presentations NMSLO over Zoom, Critique 2

Week 14
November 13 – ***Rough drafts for photography/photojournalism due today***
Critique 3 finalizing content and preparing files for print/online archiving. Design Team, testing canvas on banner stands. 

November 15 – Prints/Electronic files, projections, videos finalized and sent to print lab. Work Day 

Week 15
November 20 – ***Photography/photojournalism papers due today***
Print lab—-test prints—-Finalizing print material
November 22- No class Fall Recess

Week 16
November 27- Work Day
November 29-   Install date!

Monday, December 4 –  2:30 -5:30pm. Opening reception @ NMSLO 3:30 -4:30